Monday, November 7, 2016

Comey The Clown

Top Clinton Donors Gave Big Bucks to FBI Investigator's Wife...

DOJ Proposal Slow Walks Her Email Release Past 2020!

Assistant Attorney Kadzik outed as mole for Hillary campaign...

MORRIS: FBI Announcement NOT Credible... (of course even mentioning him is a bad sign)

WIRED: Yes, They Can Vet 650,000 Emails In 691,200 Seconds...

DOJ Proposal Slow Walks Her Email Release Past 2020!

Dirty Donna Sent EVEN MORE Debate Questions From CNN To Clinton...

So was the fix in for Comey with the Obama Administration (was this a scam from the start) or will he get the boot for disobeying orders?  I guess we will see. Even if Comey stepped out of line, Obama really does not have to fire him, he is damaged goods. Clinton will have no problem weilding that ax later if she wins.  

EBL: Crooked Hillary gets a pass...

Regular Right Guy: Arkancide Avoided

Lem's Place: Comey Clears Clinton Again

Heavy: Five Facts About Firing FBI Directors

NYT: Difficult times ahead for James Comey whoever wins

Washington Free Beacon: Clinton Cronies gave FBI walking around money

TOM: Polls say Clinton will win, so Democrats can safely stay home tomorrow...

DaTechGuy: Rush and Conservative Treehouse called it: Comey retracts one week later

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