Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hypocrisy, Hysteria and Histrionics Over Comey Firing Update: Did Rosenstein threaten to quit? Rosenstein denies that.

Washington Examiners Byron York outlines the timing of the Comey firing

Update: NY Post: Did Rosenstein threaten to quit? Ok, if so why didn't he? Why do I get a wiff of Fake News over this? I could see him not wanting to be trotted out to justify the firing, but why write the memo if he did not support it?  Hot Air: Rosenstein denies story.  Instapundit: Fake News, Rosenstein DID NOT threaten to resign

Okay, I knew this would be a big story (and I admit was surprised when I first heard it), but Jeez Louise how short memories are in DC. I remember lots of Democrats crying for Comey's head. The over the top reaction of Trump critics to this is way more interesting to observe than the underlying story (although that is interesting too).

Ron Rosenstein is not what you would call a typical Trump pol. Rosenstein served for Barack Obama throughout both his terms and also for Bill Clinton.

Instapundit: Waiting for Rosenstein, No one likes you ComeyColbert doesn't get the audience reaction he expected on Comey firingRoger Simon: Comey out, who's next?, Had It Coming, Comey's firing was inevitable, Hot Mic at PJM, Comey Fired

Rush Limbaugh: Just say no to a special prosecutor (funny, I do not recall one when Obama was president), Fake News Bust: Comey did not ask for expanded Russian probeWhy Comey Had To Go, and What Trump's letter to Comey means

Reason: Democrats need to take a deep breath and White House didn't expect this fallout? Maybe they didn't expect quite this level of vitriol, but pretty much anything Trump does draws fallout with his critics.

John Podhoretz/Commentary: Comey deserved to be fired

Newsweek:  Rosenstein recommends Comey be fired

EBL: James Comey Fired and Comey The Clown

TOM: " Trump the Robert Ludlum villain"

Powerline: Comey in Pictures

DC Poll: How Trump Should Have Fired Comey
I know how Hillary would have done it...

Don Surber: Chattering Classes Ride Comey To Oblivion and Gassy Mac Daddy McCain
Wombat: Twitchy: Audience Reaction To Comey Firing NOT What Colbert Wanted, Jammie Wearing Fools: Democrats React Calmly To Firing Of Guy They Wanted Fired – “A Dark And Dangerous Moment In History”, Mark Steyn: Posse Comey Tantrum

Twitter: Did Trump contradict himself?

RedState: Maybe Comey did say it...

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  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome just jumped the shark. I still remember BDS and the nonsense of "Steel doesn't burn", but this 180 on Comey is just pathetic garbage. I had other things to do yesterday, so it was hours afterwards I heard Comey was fired. Earlier that day, I was reading the "oh oh, ProPublica caught Comey giving misleading testimony to Congress". While I think Huma should be stripped of any chance of obtaining another government position (much less a clearance) for backing up classified system on her husbands non classified sexbook; there is a big difference from thousands of classified emails being sent to a non cleared person to print, and backing up a blackberry. Yeah, Comey screwed up, and it was time to go after his stunt last July.

    By the way, did you catch in "Shattered" all the discussion of Comey's unprecedented behavior? Republicans noted it the next day, and Gowdy grilled him about it weeks later. But Democrats thought it was fine until the Weiner Surprise in October gave Comey a chance to do it all over again.


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