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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fake News Whores and Manchester Blood Libel

Really MSNBC? There is way more evidence to argue Joe Scarborough is responsible for the death of that young female intern in his office than there is to tie Trump to Manchester. The perpetrators of Manchester were a family Libyan Muslim refugees who have pledged allegiance to ISIS/al Qaeda.  Under Scarborough's tortured logic, there is a stronger case that Obama and Hillary are responsible for Manchester than saying Trump is.  

But you know who is really responsible for the Manchester bombing?  The ISIS-Al Qaeda murderous evil losers who did it.  You know how you combat this? You can start with stop importing more evil murderous losers into Western countries.  

Wombat: Michelle Malkin: The Forgotten Slaughters Of The Innocents

EBL: Media ignore Obama Spying Story and Democrat Deviants

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