Thursday, May 25, 2017

Breaking: Montana Body Slam Video Found! Update: Gianforte wins Special Election

Oh that the Slamma in Montana?

At lease be damn skeptical of news reports. Turns out the witness to the alleged "neck grab" is backing off that and changing her story

RCP: 4 Take-Aways

Breitbart: Trump celebrates win

Daily Caller: Montana voter reaction

Politico: The 'Hell No' Democrat Six

AoSHQ: Don't get too excited and Gianforte Wins

Lem's Place: Body Slam Blues and Montanans react

TOM: College Teacher Eric Clanton charged with Assault

The Blaze: Universal condemnation to Rush Limbaugh's comments? Apparently not in Montana.

Rush Limbaugh: People CheeredThe Left try to spin a loss as a winThe voters of Montana speak and the Montana Special Election

Instapundit: Physically weak men more likely to be socialistsGianforte slams out a winCorrecting Jake TapperGianforte wins big, Gianforte raises $100K after assaultAssault witness changes story, no neck grab and 5 Things

Heavy: Ben Jacobs Five Facts You Need To Know And he really has been a Democrat Operative with a byline in the past!

Twitchy: The left freaks over Spicer Parody Twitter account Gianfonte tweets (that is a funny account and I like it better than the real Sean Spicer), Awkward: Ben Jacobs tweet about wanting to punch a conservative haven't aged well, a GoFundMe page for Ben Jacob's glasses?

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  1. I don't know what happened, but I will say those claiming a reporter has the right to stick a microphone in your face and badger you with a question ought to try that with a focus group.


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