Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de mayo: What you should be remembering today...

Cinco de mayo is mostly a marketing excuse to sell tequila, Mexican beer, and avocados. Of course, there is nothing wrong with commerce and smart marketing! I love real Mexican food, drinking tequila and eating things made with avocados. If Mother's Day is the biggest day in the restaurant industry (on a whole), Cinco de mayo is pretty hot for any restaurant serving decent Mexican food (and even those serving less than authentic cuisine).

I like many aspects of Mexican culture (and dislike other aspects). Most of us could care less about a minor battle the Mexicans fought with the French back in the day (and for the most part most Mexicans could care less too). Well, except for the food and drinking part (we all love that). But not all battles and historic events are equal and some have a lot of significance. So have fun on Cinco de mayo, get home safe (tequila can sneak up on you), but take a moment to pause to remember this day and this one.

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  1. It was a big deal because the French Army was supposed to be the best in the world (les Yankees, mon dieu! Zeir war was an affaire of armed mobs). And, in the end, Mexico threw out the Frawgs all by themselves.

    Give them their moment. They earned it.

    Oh, and Santa Anna should not be compared to Benito Juarez.

  2. It is just another Friday, but more people will probably be at the favorite watering hole tonight.


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