Friday, April 21, 2017

The Battle of San Jacinto: Happy Birthday Texas


  1. Fun fact: Santa Anna was literally caught with his pants down at San Jacinto. A compulsive womanizer, Antonio picked up a mixed race slave girl on a plantation as he made his way across TX and it was lust at first bite. Legend has it, Houston, knowing his enemy's weakness, made sure that a woman who would catch his eye would be available.

    If you ever wondered what "The Yellow Rose Of Texas" was really about, her name was Emily Morgan.

    PS San Jacinto was less a battle than a massacre. The Mexican army was caught napping (literally) and backed up against a swamp.

    It was here that Santa Anna decided to set the southern boundary of TX at the Rio Grande, rather than the Nueces River, probably in a bid to save his neck as many of Houston's men had lost family, friends, neighbors, and comrades at the Alamo and Goliad.

    Thus ensuring decades of border warfare.

  2. Almost forgot Earth Day; so great to see that San Francisco decided to start the celebration of their cherished day early. Good for them. They should make that a yearly tradition.


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