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Homo Floresiensis ‘hobbits’ found in Indonesia not human?

It could explain a lot.  

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{[preparatory aside] 
I hope you don't mind that I played off the species taxonomy angle. I though your meme pic was v.funny.
Gordon }
Different Species?
Yes: Demonicus Cankcalus — or, to be more accurate, DemonCraptus Demonicus Cankcalus, subclaid Tantruminus Screechicus.
Also N.B.
If you look closely at the photo, on the viewer's right, you'll see– next to what biologists term the creature's “screeching orifice” a pair of lumps presenting almost verically– and where the bottom nodule is noticeably larger than the top one.
These are two new offspring “budding away” from the parent.
To clear up one misconception (of many) concerning the habits of Cankcalus: 
It makes no difference that Demoncraptus Demonicus Cankcalus hasn't mated w/the species opposite sex – the dreaded DemonCraptus Exemplarious Daemonicus, subspecies Stuprumraptus Womynius Pueripotius – in almost three-quarters of a century!
Like verminous insects, such as cockroaches, the Demonicus Cankcalus will, from a single coupling, store what genetic material it needs for a lifetime of use.
I hope this helps. ;~)❱

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