Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cuarto de Mayo

Sorry, I can't wait:

Time for a Juan Collins

Tequila is the best liquor (well I suppose it depends), but it is good for you

Instapundit: Trump gets higher approval with Hispanics (cheers)

Ok, It's "May the Fourth Be With You" Day (let's mix it up):

Legal Insurrection: May The Fourth Be With You

Geek Girl Brunch: Star Wars Cantina Drinks

Hot Air: Star Wars/Sgt. Pepper's Mashup

Moe Lane: Cinco de mayo message

AoSHQ: May the 4th Be With You


  1. Cinco de Quatro is the Mexican St Paddy's Day.

    Everybody has an excuse to get plastered on a day that isn't that big a deal back home and yell, "Viva Zapata!"

    1. Yes that is true. St. Patrick's Day is at least a religious holiday back in Ireland. Cinco de Mayo is not even a national holiday, it is just recognized in one Mexican state. But it is a great excuse to sell tequila and beer, so who am I to stop commerce!


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