Thursday, April 27, 2017

Separated at Birth: ANTIFA and...

ANTIFA and Nazi Brownshirts, brothers in arms against the First Amendment and Free Speech

ANTIFA are what they supposedly are against. It is Orwellian, since what constitutes "fascist" is basically anything Antifa and its far left thugs disagree with. From Huntington Beach, to Berkeley, to Portland, these tactics of violence and intimidation are spreading. They are fascist thugs trying to stifle free speech. And wee Robert Reich, I am talking to you too.

Mark Steyn: The State vs Free Speech

Don Surber: The Press does not defend free speech

Hot Air: NYT tries to spin this against conservatives

PJ Media: Parody music video smashes Antifa Fascists

TOM: The Party Of Hate (Antifa are just their shock troops)

AoSHQ: NYT beclowns itself and Doesn't want to hear Coulter

Legal Insurrection: Threat of Antifa violence shuts down Portland parade

Rush Limbaugh: The Washington Post writes in praise of paid protesters (like Antifa)

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Will fascism come to America?Alt Right defending free speech from Antifa?A party of diversity and tolerance?, Ann Coulter's speech battle, NYT to Ann CoulterObama's Legacy: The chilling threat of political violence, How Reagan restored order at BerkeleyIntimidation is the new normal on campus,Violent leftists in PortlandCoulter drops out of Berkeley speech over threatened violence, and The Alt Right denounces Trump (they are with Antifa)

The Gathering Storm

Gearing up for violent protest

Twitchy: There's stupid and then there's Antifa

DaTechGuy: Berkeley cops there only to protect Antifa

Daily Caller: Berkeley should respect and defend free speech

Twitchy: Good news: Police at Berkeley arrest and de-mask demonstrator

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