Friday, February 3, 2017

Wee Robert Reich muses on the Berkeley Milo Protest Riot

Homunculus and Democrat Imp Robert Reich
The Leprechaun of Democrat Fake News

Michelle Malkin: a little birdie!

Memo to Robert Reich: It is a bit early to be nipping at the whisky wee man!  For a tiny man, you can sure can produce a lot of BS.

Wee Robert Reich never disappoints, does he?

Instapundit: Redefining Fascism, Burning down Berkeley: No more free speech, The campus fascists are on the left, Jonah GoldbergThe Feelings Supremacy MovementViolent Berkeley Riots result in cancellation of Milo speech, even Milo should have free speech rights, Trump supporters attacked in mid day by leftists at Berkeley

Gay Patriot: Which side is behaviing more like National Socialists?

Heat Street: Young Turks jumping right in with Robert Reich's lies

AoSHQ: IdPeaceful?GnomeReicshhhh, Schooled?Aftermath

Legal Insurrection: Robert Reich: Berkeley protesters plants?

Robert Reich needs a lesson on honesty

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