Sunday, April 23, 2017

Judge Alex Kozinski

I happened to catch the Alex Kozinski segment on Sixty Minutes.  

I generally liked it. I am a fan of Judge Kozinski and appreciate his libertarian impulses. I suspect Sixty Minutes cut a lot out, but over all did not trash him.  There is more at Sixty Minutes Overtime.

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  1. However, no matter what is done, there is too much incentive for the convicted murderer to feign pain. For the people I think deserve the death penalty, a firing squad would be fine in my book, but a simple solution would be a facemask supplying 100% nitrogen. What I find obscene from a libertarian point of view is that society owes a convicted murderer a bed, indoor plumbing, free medical care, 3 meals, and a promise of no hard labor. However, if you have a psychological break and can't afford medical care; then good luck making it in normal society because being a ward of the state isn't in the cards.


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