Sunday, April 2, 2017

How did Mike Cernovich beat Sixty Minutes in a rigged game?

It shouldn't be a winning losing thing. Sixty Minutes should be objective enough to report on an interesting story fairly--rather than being on the attack. But we know how rare that is--at least when it comes to anyone on the right.  I watched Mike Cernovich's appearance on Sixty Minutes (as well as the on-line stuff CBS released) and I thought Mike did an excellent job.  

In a way Scott Kelley really did not get whooped. Yes the actually show was heavily edited, but Pelley could have been completely dishonest and through editing made Cernovich look like an idiot. Pelley did not do that. Pelley is an establishment guy who is skeptical about a guy like Cernovich; but Pelley let Cernovich, even during the tv show, make his case. Cernovich afterward agreed it was fair.  

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  1. Mike certainly has "manspreading" down to an art!


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