Monday, April 17, 2017

Jodie Comer: White Princess

Jodie Comer in the White Princess, the follow on series to the White Queen

Rotten Tomatoes: The White Princess

The White Princess, with the dramatized real life intrigues of Yorks and Lancasters, (and Tudors), could be a Game of Thrones fill in... You could draw analogies with the current political turmoil.  

Suki Waterhouse  as Princess Elizabeth's sister Cecily of York  in The White Princess (2017)


  1. It might have been better if they'd returned Rebecca Ferguson as the Queen Mother (White Queen).

    1. I thought Rebecca Ferguson was great in the White Princess, but it sort of went beyond plausible that young Elizabeth Woodville (as played by Rebecca Ferguson) stayed barely aged after decades of time and a dozen children. So I can understand why they replaced her with a different actress.


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