Monday, April 17, 2017

A New Jersey Sloppy Joe

Millburn Deli Sloppy Joe

Millburn Deli and Town Hall Deli's Sloppy Joe, inspired by a trip to Cuba (back in the day, before Castro)

These are not your traditional sloppy joes, or that other "Sloppy Joe" who is on in the mornings.  

I have not tried either one of these (I tend to avoid beef for obvious reasons) but I am going to guess they are delicious (albeit messy).  I am not a fan of rye unless it is grilled (like a ruben) but if the rye is real thin and soft (highlighting the goodness in-between) I could see how these could be great.  


  1. I had the original just one week ago in Key West. It looked much better and certainly tasted great, washed down by a Bahama Mama, and followed by some Key Lime Pie.

    1. I looked on the menu of Key West's Sloppy Joe's and it had the traditional ground meat and sauce on a bun (Sandler style). The sloppy joes above are meats, turkey, and cheese with Russian dressing and coleslaw on rye. Which type did you get in Key West?

    2. The one referenced in this Wikipedia article. I never heard of a Sandler style. Interesting to me that Wikipedia historians managed to only get as far back as 1940, when the Key West Sloppy Joe restaurant existed at its current location and name going back to 1937, and reviewing the history of both Key West and Havana's Sloppy Joe; they both have association with Hemingway and one Jose Garcia, whose Havana Bar had its name dating back to 1923. So much for trusting Wikipedia.

  2. The "Sandler" style is a joke, referring to the Bill Madison movie, where they are having the traditional sloppy joe of ground beef and tomato sauce on a bun (see the link above for the video clip).


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