Monday, April 17, 2017

Democrat Matt McDermott is Lying Asshat of the Day

Some people have the "gift" of asshatery: Matt McDermott is one of them.  

Instapundit: More fake news (when it comes to Trump, Democrats can't stop themselves from ginning up fake news)

Rush Limbaugh: Journalists knew what a mean lousy candidate Hillary was and Drivebys credit Obama for NoKo missile fail?

EBL: The Media seem intent on stirring the Trump pot

Twitchy: Video debunks Tweet (liars!)

Wombat: Adam Piggott: Real Life Has A Habit Of Punching You In The Face, American Power: The Four Issues Driving Trump’s Populism, and Mark Steyn: Who Lost Turkey?, also, Pronoun Trouble

1 comment:

  1. I'll admit not knowing the Obama's ever went to church after he was elected and had parked the bus on his former pastor during the primaries. Still, being an idiot hypocrite proven wrong isn't a strong argument that others are hypocritical. Alas, let it go. Eventually his idiot followers and retweeters will bring this up in the future and it is a slam dunk to prove them the morons they are. Show them how stupid they are, drop the mic, and tell them to get a hobby that doesn't involve talking politics, twitter, or watching the news.


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