Friday, March 3, 2017

We can't have U.S. Politicians making secret side deals with the Russians...

Instapundit: PJ MediaObama surrogates set up the Session meeting with the Russian Ambassador?, Obama stacked the deck against Trump at the Justice Department?, US Senator colludes with Russians to influence an election?, Russian Ambassador most dangerous diplomat

Hot Air: President Trump calls for investigation into hypocrite Chuck Schumer

Rush Limbaugh: Clair McCaskill is a hypocrite and Obama's Silent Coup

AoSHQ: The Surrogate-Democrats (formerly known as the GOPe)

Powerline: Conspiring with Russians to throw an election?

Twitchy: Nasty Nancy Pelosi met with the Russians too!

Here's some CNN Brianna Keilar because, Rule 5:

Powerline: Thank God for the Stupid Party

Smitty: Obamacare language and repeal by the GOP

Weekly Standard: Obama set Trump up with a stacked deck

Rule 5 and FMJRA


  1. What's interesting is we know so much about what these clowns are doing.

    This sort of stuff is supposed to be a surprise (think Night of the Long Knives) when it hits, yet these morons have telegraphed their punches.

    Can't wait for the mass perp walks.

    1. What I find most revealing is now many Republicans are not defending Trump, Sessions, or Pence. About the only ones are Ted Cruz and Tim Scott.


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