Thursday, March 2, 2017

All this Democrat Russian Sessions talk is just driving me to drink more vodka...

Rush is right: This Russia Story is nonsense. Barack Obama and his Deep State Operatives are trying to redirect from the Trump Speech.

I understand the Democrats are lying rat bastards, that is a given. We need to deconstruct and resist these Fake News attacks. But what is driving me to drink are the GOPe rat bastards.

Instapundit: PJ MediaObama surrogates set up the Session meeting with the Russian Ambassador?Obama stacked the deck against Trump at the Justice Department?US Senator colludes with Russians to influence an election?Russian Ambassador most dangerous diplomat

Breitbart: Sessions will recuse from Trump Campaign Investigations

Instapundit: There's Nothing There and McCaskill Must Resign

Weekly Standard: Obama set Trump up with a stacked deck

Twitchy: Nasty Nancy Pelosi met with the Russians too!

Don Surber: Time for Trump to do Oppo Research

DRUDGE REPORTSchumer and the Russians

TOM: Feminism: Demonization of Males

The Lid: Russians helped Trump win!

Lem's Place: New Birtherism

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  1. I agree. This is the dumbest nonsense I've heard in my life. I can't even express how boring this whole thing is.


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