Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Is Trump Already A Lame Duck?

They need to grow a set. Seriously, do they just listen to the mainstream media all day and get frothed into a lather?  Or maybe a few of them really are covert lefties who are pretending to be 'principled conservatives'?  Or maybe a couple of them have personality conflicts with a few other folks over there and just want to say "I told you so" more out of saying "I told you so" than anything else?  

Sorry, but some of you folks need to cowboy up and stop acting like you should be bloated water retaining moderators over at RedState.  Maybe some of these folks want to be staffers or supporters for Evan McMullin? Trump has a great speech earlier this month in front of Congress, and a few weeks later everything is a crap sandwich.  Amartel gives a great response to these nattering naysayers.  

The Gorsuch nomination is Yuge (in a very good way).  Of course there are no guarantees with any of this. I doubt Gorsuch when he gets on the bench is going to be the next Clarence Thomas, but I suspect he will be way better than John Roberts. Given the alternatives, I consider that a very big win. Now in the remote chance somehow Schumer manages to block this next Friday or Senate GOPe turn around and stab Trump in the back, fair enough.  

We have a full on frontal assault by the media on Trump.  Why not call them out on it?  Ted Koppel's hair is worse than the Donald's.  

The Democrats, while potentially dangerous, are weak and losers. The DNC is in shambles.  Schumer screaming at a Trump supporter at a restaurant is not the behavior of a strong leader, it shows what a weak shrill little bitch he actually is.  And if he filibusters Gorsuch...oh well!

Now granted there is risk out there to Trump. The GOPe could screw this all up.  The GOPe is blocking wall funding. The health care thing was messed up, but it is hardly over yet. So while things might not turn out exactly as we like, I still know what could have been.

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  1. A couple of articles off Breitbart suggest who's really in trouble. Whatever support Ryan had before has cratered which explains why he's trying to revive the health care bill.

  2. Some simple truths; trust in Congress is still below that of the President. Fox News outpaces CBSNews, CNN, and MSNBC. CNN has gone full bore anti-Trump while their ratings have been surpassed by basement dweller MSNBC. Trump didn't run on repealing Obamacare over the last 7 years. It wasn't even his major differentiator between his primary opponents. The GOP ran a national campaign on repealing Obamacare, and now given the best opportunity to do so; they failed to even bring it to a vote in Congress. There is only so many times it can be said, "This is how you got Trump!" Keep doing what you are doing, and you'll get the same results; so no, Trump is something, but it ain't lame.


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