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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Asshat Of The Day: Neil Stevens, the bloated bully of RedState

Trump Derangement Syndrome is not just on the left. I got banned at RedState for the temerity of disagreeing with Moderator and Asshat Neil Stevens. I did not violate any RedState posting rules. I merely thought Evan McMullin's comments about President Elect Trump were over the top (and I mocked McMullin for that). You can object to Rex Tillerson being Secretary of State  (he was not my first choice either), without declaring this makes Trump an "unloyal American." I am sorry for pointing it out, but Evan McMullin's comment calling Trump an unloyal American was over the top and nuts.

Now I could see McMullin getting all huffy, but Stevens may have a worse case of TDS than Keith Olbermann. It maybe a long hard four years for Bloaty Neil (and the way things are going with the Trump's opposition, it might well end up being eight years).  I have no hard feelings for RedState itself. It is a private site and it can do as it wishes. RedState must want the niche market of being anti Trump on the right.

I don't agree with the #NeverTrump position, but I understand why some might not wanted to vote for Trump. To me choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was not that difficult a choice. Hillary Clinton is a known bad quantity. Trump on the other hand, while he was definitely not my first choice in the GOP nomination process, could end up being a good president (and with the right Supreme Court picks, even great). Even if Trump turns out to be not so great, I assume we are still better off having him than having the Clintons back in the White House. That was my decision. I respect your call if you disagree.

If RedState wants to run a #NeverTrump echo chamber, it certainly has the right to pursue that. But doubling down on #NeverTrump given Trump's general election win seems like a risky proposition for a website catering to the political right. I am not suggesting being cheerleaders for Trump is the answer, but this recent RedState post make the case for at least reaching out (in part) to President Elect Trump. Even RedState's founder Erick Erickson is willing to at least give President Elect Donald Trump a chance. For conservative #NeverTrumpers, that seems like a prudent course to take.

While RS is free to pursue whatever direction it wants, I despise bullies and asshats: Neil Stevens is a notorious one. I was going to let this one go, but Neil is such an asshat I can't resist. My banning was more about Obergruppenführer Stevens getting a chance to be his own mini Charles Johnson.

It is not the first time Neil Stevens has done this. I have seen Neil and his asshat partner Bill S do this before to others (Here is the Bill S take on anyone who supported Trump). I kept quiet but there is no reason to do so now. Neil and Bill S are divorced from objective truth. The more people who call Neil and Bill S out the better.

The jiggling rubs Neil Stevens in a way he likes...
Neil Stevens has acted unhinged before: Mr. Stevens called for illegal aliens to be armed so they could fight back against Trumpers (which while he has a free speech right to express, is actually an illegal act if carried out). Neil Stevens also gleefully celebrated Trump supporters getting beaten by a mob.  

Neil Stevens
Note this exchange starts off with Neil suggesting I have a Putin crush. Really? That is untrue and a complete delusional fabrication on his part, but then again, Neil Stevens is a liar.

If anyone violated RS Posting rules (I did read them), Neil did. I find it odd that exchange above (at least from my part) is ban worthy, but apparently it was (based on Neil's own subjective made up standards). It is a shame it has to be this way, Neil actually had a decent post about the electoral college today. But if anyone expresses any positive thoughts on Trump at RS, Neil loses it. Neil has issues, including retaining too much water. Perhaps his emotional outbreaks are tied to his estrogen levels being too high. Neil certainly acts like some of the unhinged left.

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Who's afraid of the big bad VladIt has come to this, Anti Trump Thug

TOM: So if you are not willing to go here it's discrimination? The intolerance of Mr. Stevens is in a way a lot like the intolerance of Mr. Dennis.

RedState: Trump taking cheap shots at McMullin? Trump should ignore McMuffin because he is insignificant and failed at his attempt of spoiling the election for Hillary, but McMullin did call Trump an "unloyal American" for his SoS pick.


  1. I never read Red State. It's funny that a place that goes with the name Red State calls you a Putin crush.

    Nah, don't bother trying to tell me how Red State relates to the electoral college and media's use of red and blue. We always knew that was because the left didn't want to be easily associated with their socialist cousins. If you want me to read a conservative blog, you're going to have to do better than naming it something Stalin would be proud of. Throw in the moderator banning criticism, and he's like everyone else that gets a little bit of power; they abuse it. So, it seems Red State is well named.

  2. This douche nozzle was the guy banned me after one post.

    I only disagree with one thing you said. You do need to hold it against Red State. It they let unhinged moderators ban people like you it just shows that the site needs to be boycotted.

    1. Good point. I love President Elect Trump called him McMuffin too!

  3. Never really read anything there, unless someone linked to it. I usually just get ignored, but getting banned means that someone was listening. I guess that's nice in a warped way, right?

    Threats and trollish behavior is one thing, but banning people for content that you disagree with is for pussies.

    1. That's how I look at it. Really, what are they afraid of. They just boxed themselves into irrelevance. Oh sure, Trump will screw up. But the left won't trust them, unless they get used like tools (like David Brooks). Maybe that is what they are hoping for. But that won't happen.


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