Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Asshat of the Day: Kurt Eichenwald (warning strobe effects) Update: Kurt Eichenwald admits he made it all up (aka lying)

John Sexton: "This is probably the least productive, most entertaining interview you’ll see for some time. It’s an instant classic."

John did not lie. This is exchange is pretty funny, yet also sad. Kurt Eichenwald warrants Asshat of the Day for this performance.

Update: AoSHQ Kurt Eichenwald admits to George Stephanopoulos it was all a joke...(Kurt's a liar)

Heat Street is reporting the FBI arrested "Jew Goldstein" over the alleged Eichenwald strobe tweet?


  1. People watch Tucker Carlson. Who reads Newsweek unless they are trapped in a dentist's office. Eichenwald looks unhealthy and will likely keel over in the next few years.

  2. The last tweet in Eichenwald's Twitter TL claims to be from his wife saying that Kurt had had a seizure. Fake news all around.

  3. lol so true about the dentist office. Great post Evi...for raising my blood pressure :)

  4. Tucker and Brett Baier are the two brightest stars on Fox. At some point, lefties may figure out not to go onto Tucker's show, since it inevitably results in having their throats ripped out.


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