Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear White People...

Will Dear White People, the series, will be good or not? I did not see the movie (which is the trailer above). It did well with the critics, but audience scores were lower.  I will put in on the queue.

The Netflix series trailer seems less promising than the movie trailer. But then again, it might turn out okay. If the writing is funny and scathing and skewers all sides, it could be really good. There is a lot of material that a good comic writer could mine. If it is too PC, my guess is it will be horrid.  

Instapundit: Want more Trumps, this is how you get more Trumps (this Netflix show will suck)

To be fair, I can understand some people being pissed off about things like this...

#Transracial Rachel Dolezal

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