Thursday, February 9, 2017

Democrat Dick Blumenthal living up to his name and reputation...

While judges don't like criticism (most people don't), Senator Dick Blumenthal (D) has a history with dishonesty. Extreme vetting for Gorsuch? I am pretty sure any "extreme vetting" will come up with very little to criticize Gorsuch on.  

Yes Judge Gorsuch does not like politicians criticizing the judiciary, but Gorsuch (like all judicial nominees) also refused to answer any questions on any specific active cases. So, yeah, Dick "Lying" Blumenthal is misrepresenting facts (again). And even if Judge Gorsuch was arguably directly criticizing Donald Trump (who nominated him) doesn't that tend to justify the Democrats confirming his nomination?  That is what an independent judiciary is all about.  

Dick Blumenthal is a lying sack of shit. I just heard him on NPR. Blumenthal admits Judge Gorscuch's comments were "mild" and indirect.  Blumenthal says he needs Gorsuch to speak out publically against Trump to stem a "constitutional crisis." Blumenthal's argument why Gorsuch is no good?  Because Trump wants SCOTUS nominees to be pro life and pro gun (gasp--the horror, the horror).  Of course the flip of that: Being pro choice or anti second amendment is just fine. When even NPR noted Obama's Solicitor General supports Judge Gorsuch and urges liberals to support him, Blumenthal kept up his partisan blather.  

And let's get back to Trump calling out the judge in the injunction case. So what if Trump criticized a district court judge? So long as President Trump follows his ruling while appealing him (as is the Administration's right)--there is nothing wrong with that. Guess what, that is what President Trump is doing. 

If Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions got confirmed by the Senate, what makes you think Judge Gorsuch is not next?  

You know what I really look forward to, the next  Trump nominated justice after Gorsuch...

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