Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Morning For America's Economy?

I am optimistic but cautious at the same time. Optimistic because while the media freaks over inauguration crowds, President Trump has been quickly reversing Obama's misguided and wrong energy, trade and economic policies (and I suspect more of that is to come).  Along with tax cuts, that will be great for the economy.  

I am cautious because I know there are plenty in the 'Deep State' who want Trump to fail. Goldman Sachs is benefiting from the current rise, but can also benefit from an ebbing tide (especially if they have knowledge of it in advance). Yellen at the Fed will have no problem raising interest rates if there is even a hint of inflation (which will bring down the market). 

We have John Brennan doing anything he can to sabotage Trump with the intelligence communities. We have supposed conservative pundits telling everyone how bad Trump is. We also have allegedly 'conservative' tools like the McMuffin-McPuffin and others in the GOPe who are out to hurt Trump anyway they can.  

Instapundit: Krugman NightmareVictor Davis Hanson: If the economy grows during Trump's administration, his opposition will dwindle (and that is why I am cautious, Trump's opposition knows that and is doing everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen) and Dow hits 20,000, Paul Krugman hardest hit

Wombat: Power Line: The Myth of Obama’s Popularity, also, How Green Was My Tesla, American Power: America’s Second Civil War, and Mark Steyn: Wrong And Wronger  All I can say is everything is better with whisky.  That's my prescription for you all.


  1. Trump is opening up another front by mandating an investigation into vote fraud.

    There's a study that says 3 million illegals voted in '08, enough to throw the election.

    Which would tend to indicate that 3 million figure for last year is way low.

    1. Trump is trolling a big fat bait behind the boat and the media keep taking it. They can keep focusing on that as he rolls back Obama's legacy, gets his cabinet voted in, and then moves on to his SCOTUS pick.


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