Friday, January 20, 2017

Who is the worst "conservative" pundit ever? Collective Asshats of the Day

Anyone who is familiar with David Brooks or David Frum know that they are not even remotely conservative (they are only nominally GOPe). Yet they are kept like exotic omega lap dogs of the Left, to be brought out to do little tricks and opine on how real conservatives suck. As you can guess, the Left has these two very busy with the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.  

I am so sick of their over the top hyperbole. While in reality they probably have tiny little dicks and no testicles at all, for lack of a better term which one is the bigger dick?  

FastFreeFall notes: What about Jennifer Rubin?

More Dishonorable Mention 'Conservative' Asshat Pundits: Kathleen Parker and Bill Kristol

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AoSHQ: Why SNL Sucks

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  1. I nominate Bill Kristol. Either Bill Kristol supports all the Obama has done for Israel, or he is an idiot for thinking Trump is anti-Semitic for giving a business speech.


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