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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ivanka and Melania Trump Inaugural Ball Rule 5

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  1. If Trump had run and won as a Democrat; Ivanka would be talked about the world over as the next coming of Princess Di. It's not that Trump or Ivanka don't have progressive or globalist tendencies; they do. But they didn't embrace those ideals to the core; and so they will be treated as Hitler, who oddly enough fully embraced progressive ideology although his ideas for globalism was world domination.

    In my world though, Ivanka is very beautiful, and most impressive is she can look that way holding one child by the hand and carrying another on her hip. I really want an America that can find leaders in more then 3 to 4 families; but I wonder what a President Ivanka Trump would be like. We will have to see how her father does first.


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