Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Reminder to Orin Hatch, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and especially Mitch McConnell...

GOPe can't lose this fight. You think the left is freaking out, wait for what the conservative base will do if this SCOTUS nomination gets screwed by the GOPe. So why not give Chuck Schumer something to really cry about?  

I like Pryor. I like Gorsuch. I like Hardiman. But mainly, I want a conservative who will remain a conservative at the Supreme Court.  

Granite Grok says Mitch is in a touch place. Yeah, but it was pretty much going to go this way anyhow. Short of Trump nominating Merrill Garland, the Dems have to fight to appease their own base. Unlike the GOP, the Dems can lose this and survive another day.  The GOPe has to win this fight. 

Now Allahpundit noted that there may be a way for McConnell to pretend the Democrats have already done this, which I suppose could give some weak kneed GOPe a face saving way out. But you know what I think would be way better?  Tell Chuck Schumer collectively to screw himself.  

It is going to happen anyway. And the Dems will suddenly perceive this as the catastrophe it is (for them). Because if another Justice steps down or dies, Trump only needs a simple majority to get that nominee through. And the next Senate voting cycle does not favor Democrats.  


There is a 'Bachelor' quality to this roll out...

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