Wednesday, November 30, 2016

REPUBLICANS WIN BIG: Nancy Pelosi Gets To Stay On As Democrat Minority Leader!

The gift that keeps on giving to Republicans. She imposed her will with Obamacare and managed to set in motion the destruction of the Democrat Party. The Democrats would have been wise to cut their losses and dump her and get younger blood in there. The Democrats are certainly NOT finished (they have plenty of supporters out there), but their current leadership is hapless and failing. Harry Reid was a nasty corrupt bastard, but he was a dangerous bastard (Hillary won Nevada and the Democrats held on that Senate seat, for example, thanks to efforts made by Harry Reid). Nancy Pelosi, however, has been a Godsend to the GOP.

DRUDGE REPORT: Nancy stays!

Trump talks Carrier into staying in Indiana

I recognize this decision hardly solves the issue of manufacturing jobs moving out of the United States, but it still bodes well. It is a good start, especially since Donald Trump is not yet in office.  

United Technologies, that happens to own Carrier, also happens to have billions in various government contracts. That would include Pratt & Whitney and the F-35 engine contract. While I doubt there was overt quid pro quo, it does make sense for United Technologies not to pull jobs from the USA right now.  

AoSHQ: Carrots and Sticks?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

John Kasich: Asshat Of The Day

I guess I should not be surprised, we are talking about John Kasich, but still wow.  I had Geraldo Rivera as asshat of the day over his inane comments about Fidel Castro.  But in the wake of what was an ISIS inspired attack, John Kasich managed to out asshat Geraldo (who is the Michael Phelps of Asshats). To out do Geraldo as an asshat takes a lot.  

Daily Caller: Kasich puts Ohio citizens at risk by letting thousands of refugees into Ohio in the first place.  This explains why John Kasich is lying about the cause of this attack. He does not want to take blame for conditions he helped to create.

EBL: Ohio State "Shooter" Actually A Somali Man with Automobile and MacheteFidel In HellGeraldo Rivera: Asshat of the Day and Fidel Castro Dead!

Hot Air: ISIS Inspired

TOM: The Immigration-Terrorism Connection

Mark Steyn: Don't say I'm violent or I'll kill you

Michelle Malkin: Remembering all those RefuJihadis who declared war on USA

Even Wonkette can show John Kasich to be an asshat

TOM: Talking about Asshats: Nancy Pelosi tries to cling to power and Barrett Brown Out Of Prison

Tom Price for Health And Human Services

This is a great pick by President Elect Trump. Tom Price believes the only way to reform Obamacare is to first eliminate Obamacare and start over. That is the right approach to address this problem.

The elimination of Obama is one of the critical promises I do expect Trump to do while in office.  Anyone who is opposed to this on the GOP side will face a serious loss of support when they come up for reelection (President Trump included if he does not follow through). This is an excellent first step.

RedState: House Maj. Ldr. McCarthy: Let's Kill It

Don Surber: So what do you think of Trump's picks so far?

Hot Air: Tom Price has been the tip of the spear on Obamacare

Bloomberg: A great way to kick off the Trump Era: A lightening strike

Instapundit: Here's what Price wants to do to replace ObamacarePersonnel Is Policy (Tom Price is a great pick if you hate Obamacare) and Troll Level: President Elect

Ok, who is escorting Tom Price up to the inner sanctum of Trump Tower? Is it Hope Hicks or someone else from the Trump Organization? I am doing a Rule 5 on that.

Rule 5 and FMJRA

TOM: Some Stereotypes Are True Remember when President Reagan was blamed for AIDS, which was a lefty media falsehood that has continued to this day?  Point is the media lies, all the time when it comes to Republicans.  


Fidel Castro is now exactly where he belongs
Go join Comrade Che and the rest of them...

To all you leftist apologists who don't get it, the world is better off without Fidel Castro. Castro took a bad situation in Cuba and made it far worse. I am glad he is dead. I hope his brother and his comrades join him and that his evil regime falls. It is a legacy of horrors. And pretending these human rights violations are not happening, does not make them go away.  The anti individualism of Castro supporters needs to be called out. The Cuban people deserve to be free.

Cuba Libre.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio State "Shooter" Actually A Somali Man With Automobile and Machete As Weapons?

Somali Refugee Behind Mayhem: The media put a bad picture of Muslims in people's heads

So what is going on with Donald Trump and Mitt Romney and this Secretary of State Nomination?

The most obvious explanation is an influence struggle between Vice President Elect Mike Pence (who is reported to favor Romney) and Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway (who don't). President Elect Trump respects both opinions. There were reports Rudy Giuliani was a lock for the job. And then again talk of Petraeus (and a Trump Tower visit but another Petraeus investigation(?)). While an insider struggle like this is not unusual, it seems odd (and a bit disconcerting) that this debate would be so public.  

Heat Street: Row over Romney Exposes Cracks  Interesting article, if true. Heat Street is saying that Bannon and Reince are upset with Kellyanne. YMMV.  

Hmmm (yes Rebekah Mercer does look like Tina Fey)

Hot Air: Hmmm & Soon
Legal Insurrection: Hmmm
DaTechGuy/JD Rucker: Hmmm
RedState: It's a theory, but seems clouded by #NeverTrumperism but then again there is this

ZeroHedge: Trump Reportedly "Furious" Over Kellyanne Conway's "Rogue" Comments About Mitt Romney

Instapundit: Scott Adams: Trump Talent Stack, It's A Trap, Cabinet of Rivals?, Scott Adams (reprograming the anti-Trumper): Trump is not a racist (and you should read this article)

Bloomberg: Trump to Meet Petraeus as Secretary of State Fight Continues

Wombat: JustOneMinute: An Unexpectedly Positive Appraisal of Stephen Bannon

Do you need some Cyber Monday gift ideas?

The Hillary one makes your coffee taste like the bitter ashes of defeat.

They are over priced. Still, you can keep a set of as a celebratory reminder of what could have been (unless of course Jill Stein manages to overturn the result or they threaten enough electoral voters or she manages to rise from the dead). Or you could just have a set to give to your favorite grieving Hillary supporter. Just doctor that coffee with a lot of Irish whiskey or bourbon and presto, therapy coffee!

NRO: Hillary 2020: Because America Has Not Suffered Enough

Does she need a Bill mug to drink her champagne?

Mark Steyn: Why not toast the death of Fidel with a Hillary mug?

TOM: Do you know any little old liberal white ladies?  They might like a mug...

AoSHQ: This would be a good line for Groot in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie...

Instapundit: Kevin Williamson: Tough Times!It is not easy living in an alternative universe, Castro's alternative universe was not so bad for himDo you think Lefty mental health was that good to begin with? , Teachable Moment,  and Progressives Without Power

Rush Limbaugh: Media and Democrat attempt to de-legitimize Trump, One Reason to Pick a Secretary of State, The Left's Lionization of Fidel Castro is Sick

Lem's Place: A column by Kevin Dowd and Trump Cat and Mouses With The Media

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Geraldo Rivera: Asshat of the Day

 Geraldo Rivera is the Michael Phelps of Asshatery

Cuba was the most prosperous country in Latin America when Castro and his thugs took over.  Sure Batista was bad, but be careful what you wish for. The Castros and their kleptocratic murderous pals managed to run that country into the ground and almost got the USA and the USSR into a nuclear war. But as the left want to remind us, they do have socialized medicine.  

I am sad actor Ron Glass died (which unfortunately just happened to be a few hours after Fidel Castro died). His life enriched us.  

I am happy Fidel is gone. Perhaps real change can come to Cuba (although I recognize we are still stuck with Raul Castro for the time being).  Guess what, Cuban Americans in Little Havana are happy Castro is dead.  

Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter and Justin Trudeau, in terms of asshatery, are right up their with Geraldo. Jill Stein is almost in a class by herself. Colin Kaepernick gets honorable mention for timing for making Fidel a story just before he diedObama and Pelosi, while not quite as bad, were still pretty bad.  It was close, they are all masters in this field, but Geraldo wins.  

EBL: Fidel Castro Dead! Raise a Cuba Libre!

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Blazing Cat Fur: Progressive Media Mourn Their Favorite Idol

DaTechGuy/Baldilocks: The organized Left's idea of a great leader

American Power Blog: Read Babalú Blog for Best Castro Coverage

Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds: Life Under Socialism and Other 'Bad Luck,' Normalizing Dictators, Castro's Atrocities and CrimesTed CruzThe Truth About Fidel and RaulFeel Good Story of the WeekendMocking the eminently mockable #TrudeauEulogies, Roger Simon: Boomer Generation' Favorite Dictator and Disgrace Finally Dies

Ron Glass RIP

I will miss Ron Glass. He was a great actor (and I wish he was in more stuff).  His role as Detective Harris in Barney Miller was his big break, but I really liked what he did on as Shepherd Book on Firefly and Serenity.  RIP.

Instapundit: One of the things I don't like about 2016

Fidel Castro Dead!

We can only hope that the passing of this murderous son of a bitch allows Cuba the chance to be free.  Castro was a monster who wanted nuclear war. I am going to make myself a Cuba Libre and toast that the future of Cuba is brighter than it was the day before.  


Daily Mail: Curse of Kaepernick

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Jill Stein: Send A Dollar In A Letter, And You'll Feel A Whole Lot Better...

Instapundit: Jill Stein

The name "Green Party" really does explain it all, doesn't it?  This is all about the money. And Jill Stein is shoveling it in.  

Hot Air: Hillary's in of course, she will not pass up a chance to rake in some bucks!  


Instapundit: Civil War or Futality? Wait, there are bucks to be raised in fundraising!  If a piker like Jill Stein could raise millions over a weekend, think of what the Foundation could do? do you think the Clintons would pass that up?  

Powerline: Recount Freakout

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