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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

REPUBLICANS WIN BIG: Nancy Pelosi Gets To Stay On As Democrat Minority Leader!

The gift that keeps on giving to Republicans. She imposed her will with Obamacare and managed to set in motion the destruction of the Democrat Party. The Democrats would have been wise to cut their losses and dump her and get younger blood in there. The Democrats are certainly NOT finished (they have plenty of supporters out there), but their current leadership is hapless and failing. Harry Reid was a nasty corrupt bastard, but he was a dangerous bastard (Hillary won Nevada and the Democrats held on that Senate seat, for example, thanks to efforts made by Harry Reid). Nancy Pelosi, however, has been a Godsend to the GOP.

DRUDGE REPORT: Nancy stays!


  1. As I often do; I read over the AoS headline, but didn't fully read the article. But then I saw your link about the Schadenboner, which I knew where it went, but didn't know it had anything to do with Pelosi. So this time I read it (Spoiler, still has nothing to do with Pelosi), but damn my Schadenboner propped right up to attention with this: "Clinton's skeptics have already been denying credit for her expected victory by noting that she benefited from facing the least popular major party nominee in history, and that a normal Republican could have defeated her. " AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

    Tears... tears...

    I'm literally shaking from joy!

    Not only the schadenboner, but nobody had to hack a system to get this. It was actually published. By her supporters!!! OH... ribs hurt with the laughter.

    Oh, this will be shared.

  2. Carrier Employee Issues Heartfelt Thank You To Trump For Helping 1,000 American Workers Keep Their Jobs [VIDEO]


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