Thursday, December 1, 2016

Libraries were not always quiet...

Readers back in the day had to read out loud due to books not having spaces between words. It was too hard for most to read without doing that. When word spacing was finally adopted, silent reading became the norm.

Or was it a late evolutionary change that allowed most people to do this? I am going with the word spacing--that would make a lot of difference.

You learn differently by reading silently vs. orally. Poetry needs to be read out loud to fully appreciate it, but the speed and emphasis on word meaning benefits from silent reading.

The adoption of silent reading did have another benefit.  It lead to school boy fantasy of the sexy shhhhing librarian.

Trying not to sneeze in the library

Kevin Williamson: How about Outlaw Librarians?

AoSHQ/Oregon Muse has been posting photos of libraries (both famous and not so famous) in its book threads, but have not focused on librarians.

Wombat has not had a book link post for a while, but he does have an Amazon portal at his post!  

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