Sunday, November 20, 2016

Twitter Is Dead Social Media Platform Walking

Twitter and its utterly untransparent leftist star chamber chose to censor or completely over-react to voices like Robert Stacy McCain, Milo Yiannopoulos, WJJ Hoge, and Glenn Reynolds. In response, a lot of other conservatives are abandoning Twitter or using it far less. Twitter was hurting before Jack Dorsey came on but he has only made things worseTwitter brought this on itself.

Milo's predictions and comments about Twitter on September 8, 2016 still seem pretty spot on


  1. Milo is such a faggot. he thinks because HE'S gay and a Right-winger-Lite that HE is going to define the Right Wing. He's playing make believe. He ought to know he's tolerated (barely), not celebrated. The New Right sees faggot-dom for what it is, a perversion and social movement meant to wreck the society and reduce the birthrate. Live and let live, but these faggots really are perfect, you know? Not only are we supposed to forgive the destruction of homos and fags and their feminist allies, we're supposed to be happy about it and celebrate them. Milo is as left-wing as any other homo, he gets nothing from me but a figurative back of my hand, fist clenched. Don't EVEN claim kinship with maggots like Milo, we need for the Right to flush him from any notion of membership of the Right..

    1. Meh. Milo does not define the right wing. Then again, we don't either (what is the right wing anyway). Milo only defines himself and is defending the Alt-Right (which the left is desperate to define as racist). What I like about him is he drives the left wing absolutely nuts (and many of the #NeverTrumpers too). His gay shtick gets old quick, but he is a great debater (as demonstrated in his exchange above).


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