Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Night 2016: So what will it be? Update: New York Times says Trump has 95% chance of winning...

Frank Luntz called it early for Hillary

Nate Cohn: Two paths and (update) now 538 says Trump will win (55% chance)

Will Trump have a blow out victory? Seems unlikely unless all the major polls are wrong (which is possible but not likely--but I am not counting out anything). Seems either Hillary clinches early or we are in for a real race (that could go either way).  Since the general consensus of the media is Hillary wins, the shock for them would be Trump prevailing.

And if Trump does prevail, it is because he didn't quit. Mistakes...oh yeah, there were lots of those (he would have walked away with this race had he campaigned like he has for the past ten days), but quitting was not one of them.

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Ok, what does DRUDGE REPORT know?  Here are the Links!

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  1. Agree, Trump didn't quit. Unfortunately, Romney did, and the GOP quit trying to beat Hillary after Rubio fell out of the primary. If Trump wins; the GOP will retain leads in Congress, but it won't be because of the GOP providing a program that was a mandate. Their mandate was to beat Hillary and Trump. Trump will have a mandate if he wins, because he will only win by overcoming the odds by getting people to support him when supposed leaders would not.

    But who will win? Hope for the best, plan for the worse. It wins every time.


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