Sunday, October 23, 2016

World Series: Cubs vs. Indians

I concur with Pete. This is a good world series match up for baseball. 

These are two well matched teams. Ratings should be up too. With the NFL in a mess, viewers are going back to baseball.  This matchup plays well for national interest (beyond Chicago and Cleveland). Plus people love sport curses, goats and Godwinks


  1. Though I'm not really a fan, I'm going to root for Cleveland because (1) I lived there briefly and (2) I suspect they are the underdog amongst underdogs. Even their mascot is under siege.

  2. Plus, as a native Wisconsinite, I feel no loyalty for FIB's.

    1. Completely rational and it makes sense. I will also add a reason, if you have a sports curse, there is something so monumental about it becoming totally epic. Worse event for Boston was breaking its curse.


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