Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hillary Walking Dead Clinton

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  1. There will be no coming together. What came together in 2008-present? Nothing. So I say to Trump, scorch the Earth. Challenge everything, make her life until the coronation a living nightmare on this Earth. Shred them to ribbons, make everyone aware of what they have wrought bringing this corrupt and evil crime family back to sully the White House once again. There will be no peace on Earth if/when Hillary gets in, why should she have peace while SHE'S tearing down what's left and her ilk consuming the last morsels?

    Nope, the whole thing is going to fall apart, the middle won't hold. In the end, Republicans are through. But there's hope, and the hilarious part is, the Democrat segments will consume each other, Muslims vs. women and Blacks and gays, the white women and Blacks and Hispanics fighting for supremacy, advantage and privilege. White women at the top of Feminism, Inc. are the next target. The minority ladies will cat it out with the White women of the Matriarchy, the new White Supremacists. Hillary will feed and celebrate those divisions, play one against the other and celebrate the mayhem. Bill will sample the intern pool, for him it will be like old times. Just wait until she gets in. The destruction will be visible to all. Can't blame the White man anymore. You Feminists broke it, you own it, Ladies. Just remember, there be monsters and they're in YOUR party and you don't have many men left to defend you, or willing. I for one am out of that business..


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