Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton Defeats Trump

Here's hoping...

I am not counting on a surprise like this. I do not see the path through the battleground states. Still, I have been so wrong so many times over the last 18 months, anything is possible.  

I really would love to see Hillary Clinton lose. 

Hot Air: Clinton Email Strategy (boy it is good to get a distraction at the right time)

Legal Insurrection: Wanted Dead or Alive

Kellyanne Conway: Trump's behind

Karl Rove? He has been wrong...


  1. The electoral college, she's got it sewn up. Virginia, once so Conservative is now a Blue state, the flip occurred in 2008. The urban democrats in Northern Virginia, the ones SO connected to the wealth of the Federal Government and their corporate henchmen that have moved there with all their California employees overpower the rural-rest of the Commonwealth. Never thought I'd see the day. 12 electoral votes gone, IIRC.

  2. ...and....he won!


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