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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Fredo Corleone of the Clinton Crime Family

This comparison is not really fair to Fredo (but kudos to Rod Dreher anyway). I am pretty sure Don Corleone would have kept Anthony Weiner far away from the family business. Don Corleone probably wouldn't have let Anthony Weiner anywhere near the family in the first place.  

But to see the Clintons squirm over this is priceless. Wow.

EBL: Chappaqua, we have a problem...


  1. Here's Fredo now. https://youtu.be/2X9E9n6GHC8

    I don't know where you place Weiner (heh) in all this. Fredo was a Las Vegas fixer. He took cocktail waitresses to bed two at a time. In his moment, he took care of business. Weiner was a NYC Jewey nerdy kinda guy, he backed up in the DC drain in 1999, Huma might have been the first woman he ever banged, he's beyond creepy. That whole "show your dick" thing, I never met a woman that thought that was cool. After he got a seat in the House (he was carried the whole way with some really seedy connections and money), he was nobody down there until somehow Huma, the MadCap Shia Muslim from Pakistan took a shine to The Jew (hey, the Washington Post noticed, why can't I?) and shazzaaam! A power couple was born, Bill Clinton officiating. And now it's all over. Huma of course lives under multiple Fatwas demanding her death for marrying the Jew, staying with the Jew after his perversions came out, for having the baby of the Jew and for working for the Satan Nation as Hillary's Girrrl Friday. She has uncles, a couple of brothers and cousins that want her death to restore the family honor. The Fatwa extends to her child and to Anthony Weiner, too. Huma has been a bad, bad grrrl. And, her time under the protective wing of the Clintons is almost over. Only thing left for her to do is go for immunity and a new ID somewhere before the Clintons rub her out. She has caused the Clintons a LOT of trouble. Anthony probably has dug himself a hole somewhere and pulled it in on himself, he'll turn up beheaded somewhere. He threw away a life as perfect as a life could be in Washington just to show his dick on a camera. Carlos Danger. And he may just have brought down an Empire. I'd buy him a beer if I could find him and choke past the nausea. Because a real guy doesn't normally hang out with an asshole like this, but maybe just this once..

    1. Jim: Where are all these "fatwas" against Huma? Given the animosity in the Muslim world about women marrying outside the faith (absolutely forbidden)--there is relatively little fall out about Huma marrying Weiner. And Weiner is not just Jewish, he was one of the most pro Israel Congresspersons out there back in the day. And Huma's family is not just Muslim, they are aligned with Muslim Brotherhood supporters back in Saudi Arabia.

      I always thought she was a taqiyya plant and that is why she did not get much shade from the usual Islamic Jihadi suspects.

      But you haven't had a fatwa, until you get the Hillary Clinton fatwa. It is sort of like Billy the Goat, the Gypsy in Thinner, and...well it is bad. Just ask Vince Foster.


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