Friday, October 28, 2016

AoSHQ Triple Flaming Skull: Comey to reopen Hillary Email Investigation?

AoSHQ: Is Hillary Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot?  of course don't get too excited, the fix may be in again...

You know Charlie Brown and Lucy and the Football...

Instapundit: John Hinderaker: Did Huma Abedin commit perjury?,  FBI Reopening email investigation into Hillary (expect Dems to drop what else they got on Trump to distract the voters).  


Lem's Place: Investigation back on

Legal Insurreciton: Boom!


  1. Yeah. well, you don't get meaning until you convene a Grand Jury. Could have done that back in July in time for the election, but not now. There isn't anything new, he had all he needed for a Grand Jury in July. So this is meaningless. Even if she resigned after the election, before it all came down to it, they will have dragged her across the line and then they'll have Tim Kaine in there. The fix is still in. This was the plan all along.

    1. I concur, although this will dominate the news (even the lamestream media) in a race tightening just before the election. Of course, Obama will give her a pardon on the way out, win or lose. Comey is about as clean as a third world sewer right now (and of course Hillary is even dirtier).

  2. I already commented at Lem's, even mentioning Lucy with the ball; before clicking here. And frankly, I see the same thing Jim is noting. There is nothing new in regards to the her mishandling of classified data.

    That said, there was one other thing that has been happening the last few days. Democrat surrogates have been deleting twitter feeds going back as far as they can. Methadras mentions Mook doing it. Matt Yglesias just did it. I'm sure there are more. That's significant data filling the memory hole. I also heard on a local radio report that the FBI said the data that reopened the case isn't from Hillary's server. So I wonder; is there something showing Journolist 2.0 (which we all know is out there, because Rush plays the montage of reporters using the same words over and over) and a connection to Hillary's server?

    We might discover that in the next few days, but I suspect they learned about it a few days ago and have spent the last 48 hours deleting evidence. Then we will get to see the smoking gun, smoke still pouring out, but with no bullet or cartridge; so we will be told no linkage to the gun.

  3. Concur, Leland. Then of course, the press could always throw it all down and say God DAMN you people. There's a little hope in my soul that the Press might finally throw the Clintons away and declare them irredeemable. Thirty years they've been covering these people, each episode another chipping away at the mantle of the press until the press is looking well and truly crumbled. Imagine CNN, NYT and Washington Post finally declaring surrender to the coverup and just throwing down and going Pulitzer on the Clintons. Deep Throats(heh), follow the money, all the Watergate themes and memes would apply, except these would be REAL. Maybe, just maybe. Scenarios aplenty, the only one that will never occur is Hillary voters redeeming THEIR souls and deciding this isn't the "First White House" woman they want. No, I fear they're going to drag Hillary's rotten, corrupt corpse across the finish line even if she has to resign afterwards, pardons doled out back and forth (the new revelations now include Obama) and then? Meet your new President Tim Kaine. The press gets what they want (White House Democrat), Pulitzer-for-all for upending the Clintons, Watergate-style, a continuation of the Democrat Juggernaut. They're pretend to get their cred back. Because:Journalism. I spent my life in Washington, I have a million scenarios, none that change the basic picture.


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