Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Staying Hydrated

Flashback: American Thinker: Rehab? 

So is Hillary chronically ill, or just a chronic alcoholic?

Probably both: you can get away with it for a while, but eventually living hard catches up with you...

Protip ℞: More Ice...

Of course the vodka tends to mess up how the antibiotics work.  If you buy she only has pneumonia.

RedState: Did Bill let it slip Hillary has a major health issue?

Wombat: Twitchy: Great Timing with this Magazine

Instapundit: Frog says scorpion mustn't sting, Hillary lies finally begin to ad up, it is easier to lie when the press enables you (or in this case lies for you)

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  1. Hillary is a Stoli-Drunk. Propped up, drunk, needs help up a flight of 5 steps by two helpers, stuttering, the TIA strokes, brain-bleeds are just some of her problems. She also hides, within the bloomers of her Chairman Mao bloomers, her diapers because her vodka-wrecked bladder doesn't hold up anymore. Several times she's left with "emergencies" from the podium, once at a debate. And, she has a personal assistant constantly nearby to catch her if she falls back from the podium and curiously, he gives her some kind of injection, probably a speedball of some kind, very quickly and discretely.

    Then, there's the coughing jags. Emphysema? Budding/full-blown lung/throat/esophageal cancer? TB from hanging out with too many immigrants? She thinks Trump is her husband one time, she referred to Russia as the Soviet Union several times in speeches the past several weeks. She stutters and stammers sometimes, all symptoms of strokes or dementia. She corrects herself belatedly, but she's clearly in trouble from strokes or early-onset dementia or Alzheimer's.

    She's a wreck and she ain't gonna make to to November without constant nursing and personal care. They're gonna try to get her across that finish line if it kills her. She grows more haggard and ill by the day.


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