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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Crooked Hillary lied about her emails and tried to scapegoat Colin Powell

Hillary Clinton: Scapegoating the black guy
Someone should take a knee

These leaked Powell emails are not coming at a good time for Clinton. Clinton media allies are focused on Powell called Trump a disgrace. That is a distraction, it is well known Powell is not a Trump fan. The bigger story (and far more damaging story for Hillary Clinton) is how Powell warned Hillary repeatedly not to use him as an excuse for her email failures. Hillary's response? Clinton kept lying about it. 

Hillary Clinton just can't tell the truth. When asked she does more than merely exaggerate, she lies.  And she does it pathologically.  And what her physical collapse shows is she will lie beyond convenience and will mislead the public every chance she gets.  

And even when caught, Crooked Hillary lies again. 

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