Thursday, September 15, 2016

Colin Powell: So who do Bohemian Grove members support for President?

The Colin Powell email leak today was filled with all sorts of fun tidbits.  One of them involved Colin Powell describing how fellow Bohemian Grove members felt about Donald Trump--they don't like him (although they apparently don't like Hillary Clinton either). 

Elitists have been going to Bohemian Grove for well over a 100 years. It is not surprising that Colin Powell would go (as Rush Limbaugh noted, Colin cares how people think of him). Colin Powell emails how a lot of the elites at the Grove are not supporting Trump or Hillary (I am also not surprised they may be supporting Gary Johnson--I am going to guess a few joints have been passed at Bohemian Grove).

Bohemian Grove does have an Eyes Wide Shut quality to it...just gayer.  Or as Richard Nixon (a member of the Grove) called it: “the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine”

Caitlyn Jenner is so mid century!

Alex Jones is a nut job, but his Bohemian Grove film is pretty amazing. There is a weird elitist obsession with the occult that should give anyone pause. I love Northern California and the Redwoods too (Sonoma County is awesome), but this elite gathering goes beyond simply communing with the trees (and Alex those are Coast Redwoods at Bohemian Grove, not Sequoias).

Back in the day with Jack London at the Bohemian Grove

The ceremonies of the Bohemian Grove are sort of reminiscent of things the Freemasons, Odd Fellows and other 18th and 19th Century Organizations engage in. I am not suggesting Freemasons are evil (I do not believe that). No doubt, most of the attendees at Bohemian Grove are mostly into hanging out with their fellow elites, getting away from their wives, and getting drunk. I seriously doubt most of them are engaging in gay orgies or sneaking into town to engage call girls (they can do that just as easily back in Washington, D.C. or Chappaqua, as the case may be). Still, there is something creepy in the ceremonies of the Bohemian Grove.

I am not buying all of Alex Jones's theories, but I suspect he is right about how an event like this is a way to bond (aka compromising) people. While I am sure not all the attendees are debcuahering, everything is on the down low (fueled with plenty of alcohol) and certainly plenty of hijinks take place.

Sure they claim no business takes place in the Grove, but you can be sure there are connections made in the Grove that continue on for the rest of the year.

Just a bunch of guys getting together

Reptilians, just blowing off steam?  I am thinking more unresolved sexuality issues...

Spy Magazine: November 1989

Jack London: Should the Bohemian Grove be referred to as "Call of the Wild Side"?

Vanity Fair: Bohemian Tragedy Are the Bohemians logging their old growth stands? While I am not into logging old growth redwoods, I am still I am trying to wrap my head around this:
In 1999, Jock joined the club. The waiting list was 15 years long, and it still is. Twenty thousand “men of talent” are supposedly waiting to join, although some say the club, like y venerable old men’s clubs, is having trouble attracting younger members. He joined Five Easy Pieces. Music and theatricals, including elaborate productions in makeup and drag, are a big part of the festivities. “Sometimes the homoerotic themes can get weird,” one member told me. Great jam sessions at one camp or another last late into the night. Steve Miller is a member. He wears dark suits and looks like a hedge-fund manager until he straps on his guitar. Two former members of the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart and Bob Weir, are members—entertainment providers are fast-tracked. Hart is in the posh Hill Billies camp, with Rumsfeld, longtime Grove father figure Walter Cronkite, Papa Bush, and Christopher Buckley (whose father, William F., was also a Hill Billy, hard as that is to imagine). Weir is in Rattlers. Strange bedfellows, one would think. Weir and Hart played a benefit concert for Barack Obama last year, and the Grove of the Old Trees, a 28-acre redwood stand in Occidental, California, was saved from the ax a few years ago thanks in part to the passionate activism of Mickey’s wife, Caryl, who was re-appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the California State Parks Commission.
Mickey Hart is in the same Hill Billy camp that the Bushes, Rumsfeld, and William F. Buckley are in? 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Ok, talking about all this occultism and weirdness, there is a certain break down of moral order (across the USA), and the feminist backlash is taking its toll...

TOM:  Teacher did what?Bragging RightsBlunt Force what? Is it a coincidence that psychological freaks seem to be attracted to California?

AoSHQ linked Frontpage piece which actually explains a lot of what is wrong in the world...

And back to Colin Powell's Bohemian friends, are there vortexes at work in Ohio and Florida?

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