Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Maybe it's time to give the film "Dave" a radical makeover...

Rotten Tomatoes: Dave

You remember the film, an actor (Kevin Kline) who bears an uncanny resemblance to the President has to step in when the real president suffers a stroke. Sigourney Weaver plays the First Lady.

Dave was a good movie (I always liked most of Ivan Reitman's films). Why not remake Dave but switch the characters around? With all this talk about Hillary Clinton being sick and collapsing on Sunday and possible Hillary body double filling in for her, now is the time to do it. 

Yeah, Feminist Ghostbusters did not do well and the Ben Hur remake was a disaster. Still, given the options available in this campaign season, why not give Dave a new lease on life, but in a reality TV meets CSPAN sort of way...

Bill is ready to do whatever is necessary!

Let's face it, people would be way more likely to vote for Sigourney Weaver playing Hillary Clinton over the real Hillary Clinton (you don't even have to give her a wig and pantsuits to wear, people won't care). Even Sigourney's bitchy character in Working Girl is a better choice than the real Hillary Clinton. And I am guessing Bill Clinton would not have any objections.  

Bill can totally play this role and people will like Sigourney way more than Hillary...

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  1. No stand-in needed, EBL, Bill Clinton would sit right down, tell Hillary, "I got this" and send her off to bed. Then he'd pick up the phone and start right in being "President" again. I have dopey relatives that imagine they're getting "2 for the price of 1", I honestly believe there would be no objection from Democrats and certainly not from the press. We can color Bill Clinton Eleanor Roosevelt if they push her corrupt corpse across the finish line. On the other hand, Bill wanted her to run in 2012 against Obama (As did Bob Kennedy against LBJ in 68 and Ted Kennedy against Carter in 1980) and Hillary told him no, she was waiting until 2016. His reply was that he, Bill, would be "too old" by then. Too old for what? To enjoy it? To help? What does he want from all this? More broads? He has lots of those anyway, as we found out. Maybe Hillary collapsed from the new revelations from Powell, that he's still banging bimbos when she's out of town?

    See the problems the Clintons bring to the tabel? Old corruptions, old friends and clearly, old habits and The Law is not done with her yet. And, judging by reports and the looks of them, in an age when those 68-70 have never been in better shape, the both of them are falling apart at the seams. Sorry for my profane ways, but fuck me, I can't believe it's possible we get stuck with these two all these years later after all these years with the Ghetto twins and their dopey ghetto daughters. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.


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