Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton has a seizure on camera

I have not gotten that particular effect from cold chai...

Political Insider: Is Drudge Right? 

EBL: What is really wrong with Hillary Clinton and #HillaryMedicalEpisode: Pneumonia confirmed

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats in full panic (something neurological with Hillary) and how Mrs. Clinton sees you

Instapundit: Politico, et tu?Will the DNC replace Hillary with "Bad Touch" Biden?

RedState: Does the DNC want Hillary Clinton out?

DRUDGE REPORTVindicated? and Bubba

AoSHQ: Clinton Campaign refused to go to Hospital to hide her conditionIs WaPo's Cizilla brain damaged or just an epic failure? and Do you smell fear?

NY Post: Avoided ER to conceal Hillary's medical condition

Hot Air: It's not the pneumonia, it's the lying

Bill Clinton: It has happened before

TOM: How sick is Hillary?

Wombat: Proof Positive: Go Home Hillary, You're Drunk

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  1. The video where a doctor makes the case for Hillary having Parkinson's.


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