Monday, September 12, 2016

Basket of Deplorable: Hillary and Clinton News Network's Wicker Trap

That 18th century wood cut resembles a younger Hillary Clinton

The question is who is going to end up getting sacrificed in that fearsome wicker candidate?  Ace is skeptical that Hillary's "Basket of Deplorable" comment will do much harm in the long run. Spengler (via Instapundit) thinks it will cost her the election.

Hillary's health issues have pushed her weekend 'basket of deplorable' comment (at least as an attack on Hillary) out of the mainstream news (not that they would have run with it much). Still, even her loyal supporters have to acknowledge Hillary Clinton has shamelessly lied about her health. And while I concur that (unfortunately) a Democrat mocking conservative voters does not have the same play as a Republican making any comment even remotely critical of the electorate--Hillary Clinton is essentially falling down a flight of stairs (so to speak). Trump benefiting from this.  

Clinton's serial lying is catching up with her. Her deplorable comments (at least so far) don't help. Good for Trump for preparing an ad on it, now get it front of voters who might be persuaded.

Burning Weiner Man is not just for hipsters on the Playa.

Be careful of the media though, because the media will try to get Trump and his supporters into their "basket of deplorable" candidate trap (and then light it on fire)...

Mike Pence should have called out Wolf "Basket Boy" Blitzer as deplorable!

Allahpundit is absolutely correct: "Basket of Deplorable" was always intended as a trap. That line was not ad libbed by Hillary. Her media allies were to use it as a wedge issue with Trump (which is exactly what Wolf Blitzer was trying to do with Mike Pence). What Pence should point out is while Team Trump reject David Duke's support, Wolf Blitzer is "deplorable" because he is a covert partisan tool (of the Clinton News Network) pretending to be an objective journalist.  Point out how Blitzer is a liar, just like Hillary. Remind Blitzer how he was drinking Hillary's celebratory champaign and dancing at the DNC.  Blitzer is no friend of the Trump campaign, so why pretend otherwise. 

Get ready for way worse than this at the debates. The "moderators" will be crooked as hell. 

Take Hillary's line and don't let her and her allies define it. Trump should keep running ads like the one below. 


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