Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton says half of Trump supporters are a 'basket of deplorable'

I think we understand why the Clinton Campaign has tried desperately to keep Mrs. Clinton away from the cameras and microphones.  The more she talks the worst it gets for her.  

William Jacobson summed it up with this observation: I completely underestimated Hillary's ability to screw up a massive lead (and basket of deplorable, swift move there Mrs. Clinton)

Nothing says woman of the people like a political candidate who got filthy rich while serving in the Senate and State Department insulting millions of voters while surrounded by celebrities, right? Hillary Clinton shifted her attack from Donald Trump to his supporters at a fundraiser in New York City, putting “half” of them into “a basket of deplorables.” That’s a memorable turn of phrase, but will Hillary want to forget it?
Instapundit: Hillary Clinton's 47% Moment (great way to win over voters, Mrs. Clinton, tell them they are deplorable) but then again you did that with the Coal People too... and Everything is going swimmingly for Hillary right now!
Hillary babbles that half of Trump supporters are in ‘basket of deplorables.’Hillary “just insulted millions of hard-working Americans simply because they don’t want to vote for her,” Frank Luntz tweets, adding that “Tonight, Hillary Clinton just had her ‘47 percent’ moment. Expect poll numbers to get even tighter after this one.”

Lem Levity: Half of all Trump supporters would fit in a Basket Full of Deplorables? Thanks Mrs. Clinton, it does make a great name for an Alt-Right band.

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