Sunday, September 11, 2016

#HillaryMedicalEpisode at the 9/11 Ceremony: Overheated? Update: New York Times confirms: Hillary has Pneumonia

This is going to become a major story and rightly so. Something is wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Even if it turns out to be just pneumonia, that is a serious condition in itself (especially given her age). Add to that Hillary Clinton's lack of transparency and lies on a host of issues, few will keep believing her about this. The mainstream media has tried to cover for her, but this is beyond even their Jedi mind tricks.
So DRUDGE REPORT sort of guessed it last week?

Is it safe to take Mucenix when you have pneumonia?

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  1. The Fox video gave the appearance that she collapsed as they loaded her in the van, likely another seizure. It's interesting that many of the other people standing at the 911 Memorial were older than she is, and they didn't suffer from the heat. (riddle me that one)

  2. What an old drunk. Lock her up.


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