Monday, September 19, 2016

Ahmad Kahn Rahami in custody after shoot out?

Ahmad Kahn Rahami in custody after shootout?

EBL: Media Bias, Five Suspects In Custody for Chelsea, Decades of Deplorables and Martha Raddatz: All In For Hillary, SID BLUMENTHAL: Hillary Clinton's Dirty Trickster and Originator of Obama Birther Rumors,Welcome To Manhattan and Attack in Minnesota, Pipe bomb at Seaside Heights, NJ

Instapundit: Democrats out of touchRoger Simon: Forget the economy, it's jihad stupidMSNBC still sucks, Fundamentally Transformed, Mark Dayton choose poorly

Lem's Place: More than 800 immigrants improperly granted citizenship (WFB: what could go wrong)

American Power Blog: Ahmad Kahn Rahami taken into custody

Legal Insurrection: Police capture Ahmad Khan Rahami

AoSHQ: Suspect caught (hint: He isn't Lutheran)

Hot Air: Found sleeping in a bar?

Rush Limbaugh: Ahmad Kahn Rahami is a victim of America, Hillary's on the wrong side of history, Terrorist caught, Media more mad at Trump calling it a bombing than at the actual bomber (actually they are fearful that events like this might hurt Hillary)

TOM: Ahmad Kahn Rahami went traveling recently and came back with all sorts of ideas

NYT: Feds warned two years ago, by Rahami's father that his son was a threat

AoSHQ: Feds closed investigation on Rahami after father recanted

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