Friday, August 19, 2016

Team Trump in Flood Ravaged Louisiana Focusing Attention On This Disaster and Promising to Help

Trump is on a roll with these speeches (I love them): The Louisiana flooding speech in North Carolina (with an appeal to black voters), the Law and Order Speech in West Bend, Wisconsin (with Trump also doing a solid effort on black outreach), Foreign Policy Speech in Youngstown, Ohio and an Economics Speech in Detroit, Michigan.

Instapundit: Mary Landrieu praises Trump throws shade on Clinton and Obama, Ouch from Ali Akbar to Barack Obama

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  1. My opinion of the whole thing is well stated by these guys. And they link to another person that has this quote, which is my real issue with these things: "The biggest reason President Obama should stay away, though, is because we need to get away from this mindset of having a mommy or daddy to comfort us when something goes wrong."

    There are definitely natural disaster that go beyond the ability of locals to respond. People and resources in unaffected areas will need to be called upon to provide assistance. And the politicians that by the authority granted them; then use the opportunity to mug face time are pathetic. Just authorize the aid and yeah, go back to your golf game. I'm actually very cool with it.

    Unfortunately, Obama was an ass about this when he was still a Senator, so Trump really should rub his nose in it. And props to Trump for coming in with supplies, not just coming to be seen.

    What won't be seen is the truth of the Clinton Foundation. It's supposed to exist for this type of stuff. You know what you won't see, Bill or Hillary showing up somewhere while Clinton Foundation marked 18-wheelers deliver aid to anyone, whether in the US or Haiti. You won't see it, because despite its public purpose, that's not what the Clinton Foundation does. The Clinton Foundation is what supports the home in Chappaqua.


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