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Friday, August 19, 2016

Crooked Clinton At It Again: Blames Colin Powell for her email debacle

Hillary Clinton, just an old white woman blaming the black man for her problems 

Lem's Place: Blame Bush Lives

I gotta say, I like this ad below (a lot) and hope they run it in battle ground states:


  1. I don't think the first ad is very effective. It excites the base that he has, and it also reminds those who oppose him why they oppose him. It's a great primary ad, but not for the general election.

    The second ad is exactly what I've been waiting for the GOP to put outs since 1996. The closest we got was the Swift Boat campaign against Kerry, but that was really others putting it out, not the GOP. Dems lie through their teeth, and it shouldn't be difficult to show it. Trump has. This ad will piss off Hillary's base, especially those who are coming from Sander's campaign. They'll stay at home. And when you see it is by Trump, his base will be happy he's getting the truth out.

    1. I agree. I love the second ad. It is sixty seconds, but it could be edited to a 30 second spot.

    2. Considering the 1 minute edit is already condensed from the 13-15 minute youtube videos of Hillary lying, which themselves fall short of the massive 70 minute video. So 60 seconds is somewhat deceptive advertising. She lies much more than 60 seconds.

      Still 30 second ads are cheaper. Perhaps just play the Anderson Cooper portion.


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