Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Comey Circus Comes To Congress

Comey Cleans-up for Clinton: There is a reason people have coulrophobia

DRUDGE REPORT: Politico: Comey Comes To Capitol Hill

This is just a disgrace on so many levels. I am not sure what motivated James Comey, but his actions make no logical sense. His motivation is political or personal (or both) but something else is going on here. 

American Thinker: FBI resignations?

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  1. People thought July 5th was bad. What Comey said today is outrageous. She wasn't even out under oath, which of course solidifies her claim that it was never a criminal investigation. People with just information are not put under oath, but subjects are. Hillary is not a subject. She's a member of the ruling class.


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