Thursday, July 7, 2016

Minnesota black man Philando Castile killed by cops for getting his license and registration... (Girlfriend Lavish Reynolds streams it on Facebook)

It sure looks like the officer over reacted and shot first, asked questions later (but ok, let's wait for the evidence).  

Hot Air: Minnesota Shooting

Heavy: Lavish Reynolds 5 Facts You Need To Know and 10 Facts about Alton Sterling shooting (similar that they involved cops and black individuals but the underlying facts are different).

The Federalist: Everyone should support police accountability

NRO: A Few Thoughs On Philando Castile (gives you pause if you are black or a conceal carry holder)

Powerline: Explosive video gets world wide attention

American Power Line: Shooting in Minnesota and Character Assignation

VodkaPundit: What happened to Philando Castile?

Racism?  It is certainly possible, but ultimately we don't know that yet. But politicians do what politicians do.

Instapundit: Cops shot at #BlackLivesMatter protest, we are not living in a healthy society, independent investigation called out for Philander Castile, and why are Democrat run cities such cess pools of racism and corruption?

The Lid: Words of Wisdom

Update: The Last Refuge: Says Castile was pulled over based on a robbery description and may have had hand gun on his lap? ABC News: Castile's been pulled over over fifty times? The later explains some of the frustration by black americans (they do get pulled over all the time) and the former may explain why the cop did what he did. This is rumor at this point. We need to get to the bottom of this.

Heavy: Five facts about Philandro Castile

NYT: Minnesota cops claims he acted on the presence of the gun, not race of Philandro Castile

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