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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Fix Is In: Lying Loretta and #CrookedHillary

Hot Air: Via CNN: Hillary will face no charges?

This is a disgrace on so many levels. If we do not have rule of law, what do we have?

The Democrats have weighed their options and figure they have a better chance ignoring the law and getting away with it. This is extremely bad series of events for the future. 

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  1. Ah, that Comey is a pip. Huma stated in testimony that the server was set up and run even after it was hacked for one reason:Hillary's privacy. Hillary wasn't entitled to privacy. She signed onto that premise from the start and every instance in pursuit of her privacy was a CRIME. Why privacy? To coverup bad decisions, but mostly to keep secret her corruptions and conflicts of interest as SECSTATE in support of donations to the Clinton Foundation, which became so rich, they needed a new arrangement, the Global Initiative.

    Now, if the world wants to grant these folks credit for ignorance and ignore the main corruption, fine. But she's tainted, damaged, criminal, un-indicted criminal goods. No special prosecutor, no Grand Jury, all these crimes go under the carpet and life goes on. Good for Democrats, but this never would have stood for Cheney, for Bush, Rumsfeld. The Clintons enriched themselves, plain and simply and the server proves it. Without Hillary under oath, without a thorough investigation and Grand Jury, this is unfinished business. Next will be a Presidential Pardon for anything that MAY have been committed and the deal as they say, will be sealed.

    Well played, Democrats, well played.


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